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macOS Sierra users: 

Unfortunately this issue has become more common on Sierra and the workaround below no longer turns off the animation to solve the problem.  If you are having crashes while using duet and Expose, Mission Control or other triggers please help us by filing a report at bugreport.apple.com

To do so:

Address the bug report to the WindowServer team and attach a System Report (click the Apple Icon in the menu bar > About This Mac > click System Report (in the Overview tab)  and the crash log that is generated for the log out.  

To retrieve the crash log, open the Console application and go to the timestamp of the crash, you will see an error message and a crash log filepath for the WindowServer error. Find this file and attach it to the bug report. (You can make finding the crash log in the Console app easier if you hit the "Clear Display" button, reproduce the crash and then search for the logs inside the Console app after you log back in)

We have also filed bug reports and we appreciate it if you can email us the system report and crash logs to team[at]duetdisplay.com so we can attach more incidents to our existing radar.

OS X El Capitan and Yosemite users:

Some customers are reporting that using the OS X actions Expose and Mission Control logged them out of their Mac session. This issue is being researched and is prioritized to be fixed.

We have an immediate workaround to prevent further crashes by turning off the animation.

Turn off the animation

To turn off the animation, open Terminal and type two commands:

  • defaults write com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration -float 0
  • press enter
  • killall Dock
  • press enter

Restore the animation to default settings

If at anytime you want to return the animation to default settings, type these two commands in Terminal:

  • defaults delete com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration
  • press enter
  • killall Dock
  • press enter

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