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If your device has black bars on the top or bottom (letterbox effect) or you cannot move the mouse and it is locked to 1/3 or 1/4 of the screen pixels, you are experiencing an edge case issue some users have when upgrading from an older version.

Select Resolution Manually

If you go to System Preferences > Displays, and click Gather windows on the bottom right, it should bring your iPad display menu to the laptop. There, can you hold the option key and click scaled. If you see resolutions, please click the appropriate for the display.

If not, please try the option below.


This is pretty inconvenient and sorry in advance. But, this works for all remaining users.

Please uninstall the software using the settings menu in the duet app and then restart your machine to fully uninstall. Once done, please re-download the latest software and install it. You should be up and running!

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